Battle of the Fitness Websites: RunKeeper

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Now that I’m almost an iPhone user, I can finally take advantage of the multitude of Apps that help track fitness and exercise.

The first App I’m looking at is RunKeeper.  There is a free version and a Pro, but this “review” is strictly for the free one.

The interface is nice and clean, and very well organized.  The app itself (not shown in the video) is easy to use.  Select the activity (running, cycling , or whatever) and press start! That’s it!  RunKeeper tracks your pace via GPS.  When your activity is done, press stop, then save, and it is uploaded to the website.  Honestly, that’s about all there is to it.

Believers Outside The Box

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I was listening to an archived podcast of The God Journey and it summed up exactly how I feel about “church” that I thought I’d share it.  Please listen and tell me what you think!

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”The God Journey Podcast – Believers Outside The Box” dl=”0″]

What I like most about these guys is how “un-dogmatic” they are.  If you prefer a Sunday morning event and want that to be your main way to connect with other people, then go for it!  On the same hand, if you feel disconnected with the Sunday morning event and find fellowship outside of it, then go for it!

almost an iPhone owner

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I have an iPhone!  Almost….

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting…over 3 years to finally buy one.  Our finances are in order and the 4th generation iPhone is to be released next week and it is time to buy!

But in comes the corporate bad guy AT&T, changing the data plans, and not for the better.  As of June 7, 2010 (next Monday), the data plans change from a $30 a month unlimited data to two plans.  $15 a month buys you 200 megabytes and $25 buys you 2 gigabytes.  To be able to tether your iPhone to your laptop will cost you another $20 on top of the data plan.

But!  If you already own the $30 unlimited data plan, you will be grandfathered into the new scheme and get to keep that plan!  So here is where my nefarious (you like that word Bekah?) came into play.

Our good friend Michelle let me borrow her 3GS that she was using as an iPod Touch (thanks again Michelle!!) to activate my new number to get in on the unlimited data plan.  She is kind enough to let me borrow it until the new iPhones are ready to sell (hopefully next week).  Then I’ll buy the new little  bundle of awesomeness, give Michelle her iPod Touch back and all is good!

I’m already in awe of the power of Pandora.  Type in “Van Halen” and poof! magically a radio station of like minded music starts streaming to your phone!  This alone is worth getting an iPhone for!  I’m sure I’ll be writing posts about my favorite apps and what not, so check back in and see what’s going on!


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Well, it sure has been a while since I’ve written any original posts, non Lost related!

Today is the last day of school for my kids.  I’m so proud of them all!  Starting next August I’ll officially have a Junior in high school, an 8th grader and a 6th grader!   Good bye elementary school.

I’m sure this summer will include lots of sleeping, swimming and Playstation 3.  My goal is to beat Nate and Hannah at least once in Call of Duty!!

Up next month is my second half marathon in San Francisco.  I’m really looking forward to participating in that.  Running over the Golden Gate Bridge? I’m in!  And to get to do that as the sun is rising up over the mountains!  Can you say breath taking?

I have lots of yard work to do, but I’m not sure I want to dwell on that!

The End Recap


So, this is the part where I usually recap the entire episode and pull vital data from various websites and search for Easter Eggs to find out exactly what is happening in the Lost Universe.  I’m not going to do that today.

After reading quite a bit, as well as talking with lots of people who watched the Finale, it seems as though fans are almost split down the middle.  Those who wanted to see the characters fully realized got what they wanted.  Those who wanted more “scientific” answers to the Island’s mythology, well you got hosed.

I loved it and thought it was a near perfect ending.  Others disagree with me.  But there has been some confusion as to what exactly happened last night.  Check out this link at  I think they nailed down everything.

Here’s a quick summary:

All the Losties really did crash on an Island, the Hatch was real, The Dharma Initiative and everything related to the Island was real.  The did skip through time and all that.  The Oceanic 6 made it off the Island, returned, and the only ones to physically escape again were Lapidus, Miles, Sawyer, Kate and Claire.  When Jack dies in the end scene and sees an airplane fly over, that is the Ajira 316 plane with the escapees.

Now the “flash-sideways” universe we’ve seen this entire season, well, that’s up for a little debate.  Here’s a quote from the website I referenced above:

What was the “flash-sideways”?
Christian Shephard tells his son that it was created by the group as a way to find each other once they’d all died and were ready to move on. These people were all connected and experienced the most important time in their lives together. It seems like a purgatory where they could also work out their issues. Jack worked out his daddy issues via his son (who wasn’t real). Christian also tells Jack, “Everyone dies sometime,” and that some of the people died before he did and some died long afterwards.

Was it purgatory or some holding place between life and death?  I think so.  That part will be pondered for quite a while I think.

What did you think?  Did you love the ending? Hate it?  Well, Jimmy Kimmel shows us three alternate endings below.

If you were less than satisfied, you are not alone.  Check out and see if this sums up how you feel. The author states that Lost is the ultimate Long Con.

If you like the Lost: Untangled videos, here is the last one.  It basically is a commercial for the complete DVD series, out 8-24-10.

Thoughts on the Lost Finale (in real time)

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Finale Time!!!!!!!

  • starts right away with the sad music!
  • Desmond is a funeral parlor director?  I wonder what he needs Christian Shepherd’s body for.
  • Hurley on Jacob’s ability to give clear directions – “He’s worse than Yoda”!
  • Charlie!! I love seeing Hurley’s huge grin.
  • hahhaa! Charlie gets shot with a tranquilizer!
  • Sawyer, Ben and FLocke all together.  is this a conman convention?
  • Rose! Vincent! Bernard!  so good to see them again!  I guess Vincent isn’t Smokey after all.
  • Holy crap…Locke walks right into the camp!  The pace this episode is awesome!
  • Desmond knows about the Light? How?
  • yeah!  Richard isn’t dead.  Ben is working with Miles?  I knew Ben was playing a double agent.
  • At least Sun and Jin are alive in the Sideways World.
  • JULIET!!  So good to see her again!  Are there V’s somewhere in the Lost Universe?
  • Sun remembers because of Juliet doing the sonogram…never saw that coming.  Awesome
  • Does Jin remember too?  I can’t tell…I guess so! they are speaking English now!
  • “there’s always the chance I can kill you” Jack to Locke.  that’s freakin’ awesome!
  • Richard is aging?  Nice.
  • what? Lapidus is alive?  No way jose.  I cry foul.
  • Team Jack and Team Locke come over the ridge at the same time.  So very awesome.
  • Big bad fugitive Kate really shoots a gun like that?  I cry foul again.  So awesome to see Jack and Locke in each other faces again.  I love Jack’s calm confidence.
  • “Doctor?” “Doctor?” JULIET is JACK’S ex-wife?  Sweet!  This should be awkward with Sawyer walking into the hospital
  • “I believe in you dude” Hurley to jack.  Why does this give me a sinking foreboding feeling?
  • what?  Jack is helping Locke lower Desmond down the Heart of the Island?
  • Island Desmond is trying to get Jack to go to Sideways world?  Sideways Desmond is trying to get everyone else to Island world?  huh?
  • “There are rules dude” Hurley is awesome.
  • Shannon!  She’s Sayid’s constant?  Hard time believing that as they were only together a short while.  Oh well.
  • Boone!  good to see you homey!
  • hahaha…crazy Claire is guarding the plane.  No, she wont go back? ??
  • The look on Terry O’quinn’s face as he looks down the Heart of the Island is one of  pure rapture.  What an actor!
  • “You disrespect his memory by wearing his face” – Jack to FLocke.  what a great line.
  • Charlotte and Daniel sitting in a tree….She is actually kinda pretty with her hair all fluffed out 80’s style.
  • Charlie looks across a crowded hall….and Claire looks behind her to see what he’s looking at.  then goes into labor!  Is Kate gonna deliver Aaron in this timeline as welll?
  • speaking of wells….Desmond is in the heart of the Island….is that a shiny rock in the water?  Nope, it is a big cork!  he unplugs it, things get shaky….and then dark….evil red light, smoke, “It looks like you were wrong. Goodbye Jack” haha
  • “Looks like you were wrong too” Jack punches FLocke and he bleeds!
  • Can daniel not got with desmond because he is dead in the iSLAND WORLD?
  • Aaron’s delivery scene is almost identical to the Island delivery.  Kate remembers now!  Charlie fetches water and blankets!
  • Claire remembers now!  I’m all choked up now!
  • Charlie looks weird with mascara.  Now he fully remembers!  Claire says “Chawlie”!  Ah, just like old times!
  • “So now what?” indeed
  • The Light has gone out of the well…Ben is stuck under a log.  Earthquakes…rain..I can’t contain myself
  • Here is the showdown we’ve been waiting for for 6 years
  • Clash of the Titans!!!!!
  • Punch him!! choke him!! stab him!!  NO! not Jack!  I meant Locke!
  • “I saved you a bullet” woohoo!  Go Kate!
  • FLocke is dead….what a character.
  • Jack’s neck is bleeding again..Lock is waking up in the Sideways world….wiggles his toes!  Great callback to season 1!  and now Locke remembers!  Locke’s back!!!  I love that smile!!
  • “Jack, you don’t have a son”  that has to sound very weird to Jack
  • Daytime, and the Island is still there, but Jack has a pretty bad knife wound.
  • oops…Still more earthquakes, is the island gonna sink?
  • Love love love Jins quirky smile as Sawyer walks into the hospital room.  He has absolutely no idea what’s going on
  • Duct Tape – apparently will fix even an airplane!
  • Kate still can’t choose between Jack and Sawyer
  • “I’m with you dude”  Hurley!  no way he could make it down that ladder.
  • “I love you!” Kate to Jack.  Where does that leave Sawyer? I’m sure he’ll take whatever he can get
  • I still have a hard time believing that they can get that airplane off the ground!
  • Tell Kate to Jump and Poof!  she’s gone!
  • haha, Sawyer’s Apollo candybar is stuck.  and there is Juliet!  aw!
  • They make such a great couple.    Both of them remember at the same time!  WE CAN GO DUTCH!! finally!  hoo, I think it’s a little bit dusty in here….
  • Can Juliet go back to the Island world since she is dead there?
  • Is Jack the last one to remember?  Will Kate “rock his world”?
  • now that would be funny if Jack remembered Kate and Sawyer getting jiggy with it in the cages from season 3
  • the falling rocks all look pretty fake.
  • “It needs to be you Hugo” – what?  Hurley is the man!  Why is it so hard to see Hurley cry?
  • jack didn’t pronounce a magical incantation over the water that Hurley drank.  “Now you’re like me”.  Awesome.
  • I Could have sworn I heard the smoke monster noise as Lapidus started the airplane…
  • Desmond doesn’t look so good….
  • “I’ll see you in another life brotha” Jack to Desmond. Sweet
  • “Look at me! The Island has made me crazy” Claire speaks the truth!!  I guess Kate is pretty persuasive
  • Now Jack doesn’t look so good..
  • Don’t die Jack!  Don’t die!
  • We have liftoff!  whew!
  • so……where did the water come from?  Did jack make it happen?  Hurley wasn’t so happy to see Desmond on the end of that rope!
  • Funeral parlor….Locke …Irony…
  • Dr Linus I presume….
  • Looks like it is an option to go back to Island world.  Ben is going to stay behind?
  • “Jack’s gone” – saddest words ever uttered on Lost
  • “that’s how Jacob ran things?” another huh?  Ben replaces Richard?  double huh?
  • Jack’s back?  same spot where MIB washed up…is he a good Smoke Monster?
  • Jack remembers!  and there is an empty casket.  Christian? Ghost? Dad?
  • “I died too” wow.  Only Lost could get away with those words and make some of us tear up
  • “There is no ‘now’ here”
  • “Moving on” – was Sideways universe purgatory?  Are they moving to heaven?
  • hugs….everyone finally in one room…crap my eyes are watering….
  • aw…vincent lies down with Jack!  As if it weren’t emotional enough!
  • Doors open….bright white light…..
  • Island Jack sees the airplane fly over……..close with a shot of his eye…….black

what an awesome finale…gonna take a while to process it.

Thoughts on the Lost: The Journey (in real time)

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Lost ends its 6 year run of complete awesomeness tonight.  It’s a bittersweet thing…finally we get some answers (I hope) but then the show will be over!!!  Never has a show delved into so much mystery, science fiction, ethical dilemmas, spirituality, philosophy and humor.  I’m honestly gonna miss Lost like I’ve never missed any other television show.

I thought it might be fun to write down my feelings as the finale airs, in real time.  So, read on, and tell me how you felt about the Finale.


Two hours before the Finale, Lost: The Journey is on.  They are recapping the past 6 season, with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff narrating.  Hear on my thoughts as it airs

–the darn little tribute texts from viewers saying how much they love the show is actually touching!

–It is very weird to hear Sayid speak in his native British accent!

–Sun and Jin!  We miss you!

–Vincent!  I bet he has been the Smoke Monster since Season 1.

–Speaking of the Smoke Monster, did he become Smokey in Season 1  when he looked into “The eye of the Island”?

–And there’s “Henry Gale”!  Ben was sooooooooo creepy back then!  Haha, looks like everyone on the show has beat him up!

–hahaha, Carlton Cuse says the “The Star Wars Trilogy” is an inspiration.  Notice he didn’t say “Star Wars Prequels”.

–aw, poor Chawlie! <–said with Claire’s accent.  He was a pretty cool character, but then again, I’m partial to hobbits.

–I totally remember being thrown for a loop at the Season 3 Finale.  What do you mean,  “We have to go back.”  BACK?  what the what?

-I was never a Kate and Sawyer fan….he totally belonged with Juliet.

–Poor Locke!  That scene where he tried to commit suicide was powerful and intense.  And then Ben caught me off guard and murdered him!  another What the What moment!

–Poor Juliet!  the scene when she fell down the well was some top notch acting.  I actually felt Sawyer’s pain.  Kinda funny to hear her use Sawyer’s catch phrase as she detonates the bomb.

–Now we get to Season 6.  I’m getting sooooooooooo excited for the finale!

What They Died For Recap

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“What They Died For” is the 16th episode in Season 6 of Lost and the 119th produced hour of the series as a whole. It was originally broadcast on May 18, 2010.

  1. Desmond is really the Failsafe Key to both universes. Alt Desmond very clearly understands what he’s trying to do and seems to be executing it with ruthless efficiency. Present day Desmond also knows what his significance is and (presumably) headed to where he needed to be after escaping from the well. Speaking of which, who let him out? Sayid said he left him at the bottom the well, but there was clearly a rope there. My wild guess: Rose and Bernard. After all, they’re not Adam and Eve, right? And I have to think they time traveled with the rest of them since if they didn’t, Vincent would be dead in 2007. And we know Vincent will be in the finale in some way. :)
  2. But I think Desmond knows how to kill Smokey using the EM energy on the Island and his counterpart in the Alt. I’m guessing it’s going to take a combination of the two to work. But how could Desmond destroy the Island? That’s certainly not his intention here, although it’s why Widmore brought him along. After this episode, I’m revising my previous prediction from this week – I now think that if Desmond enters The Source, the Island will be destroyed. The Source seems to act by separating the soul from the physical body, but if Desmond is resistant to this I think throwing him in the Source would act as a wrench in the gears – The Source would be unable to destroy him and it would start a chain reaction that would destroy the Island
  3. Part of me feels like this might be leading up to a mind-switch thing where, if both of Jack and Locke’s counterparts remember the present day universe, they’ll be able to mind-switch with their on-Island counterparts. And maybe if that happens, Smokey will be trapped in a mortal body and can be killed (or can choose to live a “normal” life off the Island). Alt Locke becomes Smokey and gets to have the Island adventure he always wanted, playing backgammon (or Senet) with Jack for all eternity. As amusing as that ending would be, I think Smokey’s too crazy now to allow to live. They’re going to have to kill him.
  4. This is really a bunch of questions all strung together. Jack is officially the new Jacob, and judging from his quality zen-like Jackface after he drained Jacob’s cup I imagine he knows everything that’s going on now. So the question is, since the Island has a new Jacob can he make up rules that Smokey has to abide by, especially rules like “No killing former candidates.”
  5. Ben’s betrayal of Widmore was by far the most shocking (and enjoyable) scene of the episode. Understandable too, in that Ben wanted revenge on Widmore for Alex’s death – his motivations in that case were perfectly clear. But Ben doesn’t exactly like Smokey either – not only did Smokey manipulate him, but he’s inhabiting the body of the one man Ben hates most in the world as well. Plus, if Smokey’s backup plan is to destroy the Island, that probably doesn’t sit well with Ben, considering the Island is supposed to be his prize for helping Smokey escape.
  6. Yes, Ben is completely self-serving, but sticking it to Smokey would be something he’d love to do anyway and he does have a backpack full of C4. I think Ben is going to double-cross Smokey first chance he gets and possibly get a modicum of redemption with his Island self as well.
  7. So was Jacob making lists to protect the non-candidates? I think so. The Others were taking away “good people,” i.e. people without flaws (like Mihkail once pointedly told Sayid, Kate and Locke they weren’t). Jacob must have had them take the good people away to protect them from the Island and from the other candidates. I wonder how much of this Ben and Richard knew. (1-7 from Mistaking Confidence for Fate)
  8. Can we all agree that Smokey and Esau are the same character?  Esau was transformed into Smokey, but Smokey wasn’t a separate being triggered into existence by Jacob.  Jacob says, “I’m responsible for what happened to him, I made him that way.”
    Also “Locke” says, “I was human”.
  9. Widmore says that Jacob visited him “not long after (Ben’s) people destroyed (his) freighter.”  That implies that Widmore was visited by Jacob before Widmore met with Locke, maybe even before the Oceanic 6 arrived or before Ben confronted Widmore.  That’s interesting.  Perhaps Widmore’s been on the good side for longer than we thought.  Maybe he was working closely with Eloise after all.
  10. ”Locke”‘s threat to kill Penny was shocking at first.  But the more I think about it the more I see that it’s just one of those motivations “Locke” gives to everyone.  He tells people exactly what they need to hear to make them do what he wants.  In Mr. Widmore’s case that means threatening his daughter, she’s his weak point.
  11. Miles’ idea to run into the jungle was the best, but only because of luck.  If “Locke” had wanted to, and if Richard and Ben weren’t there to distract him, then Miles would be dead.  As it stands he’s still not in a great position.  He’s running away, but Ben still has a walkie-talkie with Miles on the other end.
  12. We obviously don’t know everything about Jacob’s plans.  But we do know that he took a few precautions, those precautions being, namely, Ilana and Mr. Widmore.  Ironically Ilana’s Third Party was working against Widmore’s.  So maybe one of them was lying.  I like Ilana more than Widmore, so if that is proof of a lie then I’d side with Ilana.
  13. Jacob seemed to have very few requirements of his Candidates.  One was that they were alone in the world.  Another was that they had pretty terrible lives in the real world.  They were all looking for a purpose, and they weren’t going to find it. (8-13 from Not Confused Just Lost)
  14. What’s amazing is that Jack’s 180-degree transformation actually makes sense. This is an unbelievable bit of storytelling — taking a stubborn, flawed man who lives by empiricism and rage, and sending him on a journey that ends with that same man willingly accepting a job that is defined by fate. And yet, when Jack accepted Jacob’s offer, did it feel out of place? Did it feel like the wrong character was taking charge?
  15. I hadn’t considered this before, but when Jacob tells Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley that they’re all like him — “all alone, all looking for something you couldn’t find out there” — it struck me that loneliness has been a sneaky theme lurking about the entire series. Almost all of the major characters were dreadfully lonely in their pre-island lives, and they’re brought to the island by a guy who’s been alone for centuries. Loneliness is a side-effect to a life poorly lived. I get that. But as a viewer, I’m pleasantly surprised — tickled, even — to see a “new” defining characteristic revealed this late in the game that, when you track it, has been with us since the very beginning. How cool is that?
  16. Another bit of coolness: Jack seemed to be closest to the island’s heartlight, proximity-wise, when Oceanic 815 crashed. Remember that opening shot of Jack waking in the bamboo grove? The heartlight is right by there
  17. Most of the alternate universe characters become aware of the island timeline through near-death experiences and/or love. But it’s fitting that the man who has absorbed more beatings than anyone else — Mr./Dr. Benjamin Linus — gains “island consciousness” only when Desmond beats the snot out of him.
  18. After Ben shares his post-assault epiphany, the “Man of Faith” juices get flowing in Locke. That old Obi-Locke glow appears, and Locke now believes that fate or destiny or something along those lines is pushing him toward the spinal surgery Jack so desperately wants to perform.
  19. Hurley: He’s a full-fledged member of Team Desmond now. He also recognizes Ana-Lucia from the island, so it appears his memories of the island timeline have solidified beyond the brief flashes seen in “Everybody Loves Hugo.”
  20. Ana-Lucia: She has a a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her-sneer cameo. Interestingly, Desmond tells Hurley she won’t be participating in their island reunion because “she’s not ready yet.” If the show wasn’t ending next week, I’d find this off-hand comment very interesting. That said — and I don’t think this will happen, but I’m putting it out there nonetheless — the comment does make me wonder if we’re poised for an eternal return loop, whereby certain characters are repeating lifetimes/timelines in a quest to break their own cycles.
  21. Widmore tells Flocke (allegedly) that Desmond is Jacob’s failsafe (i.e. he activated the hatch failsafe so now he’s become The Failsafe; sounds like a superhero origin story). Flocke interprets this to mean that Desmond can destroy the island, and that pleases Flocke greatly. How he reaches that conclusion is unknown. (14-21 from The lost Blog)

And below is a video of the cast saying their goodbyes.  I don’t want this show to end!

Across The Sea Recap

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“Across the Sea” is the 15th episode in Season 6 of Lost and the 118th produced hour of the series as a whole. It aired on May 11, 2010. The history of the relationship between Jacob and The Man in Black is revealed.  (

  1. I’ve said it since season 1: The dominant theme of this show is black and white. And when you mix the two, you get grey. I think this episode finally showed us sympathy for the Man in Black, but also for Jacob. Neither one is good, neither is evil.
  2. The kids we saw in the jungle really were the two boys as kids (EVERYONE told me that second one was just an older Jacob when I said it was probably the Boy in Black).
  3. The source of immortality seems to be in the wine that Mom gives to Jacob, the same wine that he gives to Richard Alpert. The same wine bottle that Smokey smashed.
  4. The Man in Black has actually been dead in every scene we’ve seen him in so far… didn’t see THAT coming
  5. Seeing a pregnant woman crawling out of the ocean immediately brought to mind Rousseau, and made me wonder about any possible connections. Just as this woman comes to the island and gives birth, Rousseau comes to the island and does the same. Smokey kills the rest of her team, but she is preserved (though driven mad by the circumstances). The baby goes over to the Others, and is ultimately killed. You’d think Smokey would do anything he could to preserve the one baby who arrived on the island – from across the sea, like him.
  6. Right from the beginning, the distinction between the brothers seems to be that Jacob is content with his lot in life, where the Bruthah in Black is the guy who believes there’s something else out there and longs to see it. He’s the ambitious one
  7. The “So… do you want to play or don’t you, Jacob?” certainly set up the idea of the island as a colossal game between two big players. Later, the “One day you can make up your own game and everyone else will have to follow your rules” was pretty awesome, too. The number of times they showed these two playing a game certainly made our poor Oceanic survivors look like nothing more than pawns.
  8. Brother leaves Mom and Jacob chooses to stay with her. Being on the island seems to always be about choosing sides, whether, in season 1, you stayed with Sayid on the beach or went to the caves with Jack, or followed Jack in season 4 or Locke, or choose to do Jacob’s bidding or the Man in Black’s in season 6… it’s always about sides. Alpert was torn between the two sides when he first came, too. Again, it pulls in the metaphor of this show of black and white, good and evil, and the choices we make on a daily basis to do good or succumb to temptations.
  9. So I remember back when Jack found the bodies in the cave, he said by the state of decomposition the bodies had been dead for 50 or 60 years. Um… either he TOTALLY sucked in autopsy class or the bodies decomposed at such a slow rate because of the healing properties of the island, or because she was ageless. But HE wasn’t ageless, so…  (1-9 from Nik At Nite)
  10. “Across the Sea”‘s pregnant woman is a shipwrecked Latin-speaker named Claudia. We don’t learn very much about her, but there’s plenty to infer based on her name and appearance. “Claudia” is the female version of the name “Claudius”, which is a Roman name. The Romans do indeed speak Latin. I believe her clothes are roughly Roman-style as well, all but confirming Claudia as someone from the time of the Roman civilization.
  11. The Roman civilization existed from about 500 BC to 500 AD, a period of 1,ooo years (the first half of which is known as the Roman Republic and the second half as the Roman Empire). This is obviously a rather large window for the events of “Across the Sea” to have taken place. The reign of Roman Emperor Claudius, however, was briefer: 41 AD to 54 AD. Since the mother-to-be seems to be named after this emperor, this could be taken as a clue to the exact timeframe.
  12. It’s interesting that this Mother – who raises the twins as her own – never gives Jacob’s brother a name. I don’t think it was out of respect for Claudia. All I could come up with is that Mother can’t name him. Names have such significance, after all, for both us as the viewers and for those characters. Maybe anyone other than the birth mother supplying the name goes against the Rules. I found it interesting to recall that Claire didn’t give Aaron a name until several days after he was born, and it wasn’t until he was stolen from her (by another crazy baby-stealing mom, Ms. Danielle Rousseau). Is this Mother the one who was supposed to raise the twins? Or did she supplant the rightful raiser, Claudia, like Kate did to Claire? Suddenly, it seems highly possible that Aaron could be important again.
  13. Thirteen-year-old Jacob, as it turns out, is indeed the same person as the child who had appeared to Flocke several times this season. What’s not clear is why Jacob can appear as both his child-aged self and his adult self (to Hurley) in 2007, despite being dead. Also, why does child-aged Jacob seem so wise and knowledgeable about the rules in 2007, when he’s certainly the duller of the two brothers in 50 AD, or whenever?
  14. The Boy in Black is the more intelligent, crafty, enterprising, and curious of the two. From the beginning, he puts less trust in Mother, worrying that she’ll take away the board game he finds in the sand. The game, by the way, is called Senet, and comes from ancient Egypt, maybe as far back as 3000 BC, and was often buried in tombs with the dead as its luck element was believed to demonstrate that certain people were protected by the gods. The game board that BIB finds could signal that the Egyptians came to the island well before Claudia’s people, or that a group of Egyptians crashed there during the twins’ childhoods.
  15. Do you think the wheel that was presumably buried in the well was the Wheel? Obviously, MIB didn’t actually get to finish the project. It would seem to me that he simply dug another hole and installed a different wheel during the centuries between then and now.
  16. Here’s my take on what happened: entering the spring caused the light inside MIB (there’s some in every person, according to Mother) to go out. When the light goes out inside a person, that person turns into a disembodied cloud of smoke, thus the Smoke Monster. If the monster escapes to the outside world, everyone’s light will go out, and all people will turn into Smoke Monsters. This is why stopping MIB is so important now.
  17. This would also shed some light on why Desmond is so important. It should be pretty obvious that the glowing light and the pockets of electromagnetic energy are one in the same. Desmond may be the only person who can enter the spring of light without becoming a Smoke Monster
  18. For the record, its not entirely clear that the Smoke Monster really is the Man in Black. It could be a separate entity that has just taken on his appearance, like it later would for Christian, Yemi, Locke, etc. Not only does it steal these people’s forms, but their personalities as well. I don’t really believe this theory, though, since then we would need a separate explanation for the Smoke Monster’s origins beyond what we just saw, and there isn’t enough of Lost left for that.
  19. Interestingly enough, Mother is the originator of “kill every person who comes to the island”. Protecting the island comes first, human beings second. Jacob doesn’t exactly object to this, as he will always put the island first, letting anyone else be killed along the way. He seems to be against directly killing people himself, though, hoping that they will choose to serve him. The Man in Black, however, will eventually take Mother’s route of killing most everyone who comes to the island as soon as they arrive (the Black Rock crew, the French team). The Others will also fill this role, which is sort of weird, as the Others claim to be Jacob’s people. Both the Smoke Monster and the Others go around killing bunches of people, but they are somehow opposed forces? I’m tempted to believe that the Others were unwittingly taking orders from MIB for a very long time. This would seem to be verified by the fact that Ben thought the man in the cabin was Jacob, when it was almost definitely MIB.  (10-19 from Robz888 at Darkufo)
  20. So to me this means that Smokey was born because Jacob tampered with the Glorious Light Cave, and then Smokey was able to take the MIB’s form — and memories — because he was not properly buried. But Smokey is Smokey, and the MIB is dead. So that guy who was sitting with Jacob at the end of Season Five? That’s not really the MIB, it was Smokey in the MIB’s form. But apparently the writers believe that Smokey and the MIB’s goal (to get off of the Island) is one and the same, and so I guess we can just kind of substitute Smokey for the MIB, and vice versa. It actually raises more questions than it answers, but I’m too tired to think about it anymore. I accept it. Not really sure why Jack only thought the bodies had been there like 40 or 50 years, either. OK, I gotta let this go.  (from Long Live Locke)
  21. I’m beginning to see what “Locke”‘s plan is.  In the last episode we learned that he didn’t want to leave the Island, or at least that wasn’t what he’s been trying to do.  He wants to kill the Candidates.  Once all the Candidates are gone there will be no one left to protect the Light.  Then he can destroy the Light and in turn kill everyone everywhere.  That’s about as evil as it can get. (from Not Confused Just Lost)

80’s Bands Carry The Torch Of Great Music

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2008 was a great year for music.  A number of popular 80’s metal bands released new records.   New music from Dokken and Whitesnake and White Lion and King’s X and Def Leppard!   I wrote about these albums in a blog post you can find here. Could life get any better?

It sure can!  2009 and 2010 have seen some incredible releases from veteran rockers from the 80’s as well.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Europe’s Last Look At Eden” dl=”0″]

Europe’s Last Look At Eden was released in 2009 and instantly became one of my favorite albums of the year.  The music is hard and driving and these guys bring the melody!



[wpaudio url=”″ text=”The Scorpion’s Sting In The Tail” dl=”0″]

The new Scorpions album, Sting In The Tail, is the band’s farewell record.   What a way to retire!  Apart from the 3 ballads, this album rocks from start to finish.  Definitely a must buy for any hard rock fan!



[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Winger’s Stone Cold Killer” dl=”0″]

I’ve always been a big fan of Winger.  Their blend of hard rock and sugary pop metal is just something I love to listen to.  In Karma, Winger pulls out all the stops and gives us fan some terrific songs.



[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Krokus’ Rock N’ Roll Handshake” dl=”0″]

I can’t say that I was a fan of Krokus back in the 80’s, but their new album, Hoodoo, is a great slab of rock.  Definitely leans towards the AC/DC sound, but fun to listen to none-the-less.



[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Kiss’ Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect)” dl=”0″]

Sonic Boom made it in my top 5 albums of 2009 for a good reason!  It is so much fun to listen to!  Kiss brings the funk and the hard rock in a big way with this album.  I totally believe Gene Simmons when he sings “Yes I know, nobody’s perfect, but baby I come awfully close”.




[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Treat’s Tangled” dl=”0″]

Treat is new band to me, although they’ve been around since the early 80’s.  I downloaded a “best of” disc and was instantly hooked.  Now the rockers bring us Coup De Grace and it is an instant hard rock classic.



[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Ratt’s Take A Big Bite” dl=”0″]

Of all the 80’s metal bands, I’d have to say that Ratt was one of my favorite.  I had their posters in my room as a teen and was constantly listening to Out Of The Cellar or Invasion Of Your Privacy.  I was quite excited to hear they were releasing new material in the form of Infestation.  I have to admit, I didn’t like the new album so much, but with multiple listens, it has grown on me.


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Stryper’s Mercy Over Blame” dl=”0″]

Woohoo!  Stryper’s release, Murder By Pride, was my favorite album of 2009.  I’m glad to say that it was the music that put it in that position, and not just because Stryper is one of my all time favorite bands.  Everything about this record is awesome, from the beefy bass lines to Michael Sweet’s soaring vocals to Oz Fox’s amazing guitar licks.


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Slash’s cover of Paradise City” dl=”0″]

Ok, Slash isn’t exactly an “80’s band” but he was a founding member of Guns ‘n Roses, and he is covering one of their best songs from Appetite for Destruction.  I still have mixed feelings about the entire album.  Most of it is good, but some it is pretty mellow.  I will say, that if Fergie got herself a metal band, I’d buy that record!


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Crazy Lixx’s My Medicine (R.O.C.K)” dl=”0″]

Never heard of Crazy Lixx?  That’s because these guys were probably still in diapers in the 80’s.  I added them because they play hair metal so well!  If Poison and Def Leppard had a child together, they would have named him Crazy Lixx!



[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Reckless Love’s Back To Paradise” dl=”0″]

Reckless Love is another “new” band that plays 80’s glam metal perfectly.  Listen to the above song and tell me that would not have been a #1 hit in 1984!  The entire album is great and I highly recommend it.

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