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I have an iPhone!  Almost….

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting…over 3 years to finally buy one.  Our finances are in order and the 4th generation iPhone is to be released next week and it is time to buy!

But in comes the corporate bad guy AT&T, changing the data plans, and not for the better.  As of June 7, 2010 (next Monday), the data plans change from a $30 a month unlimited data to two plans.  $15 a month buys you 200 megabytes and $25 buys you 2 gigabytes.  To be able to tether your iPhone to your laptop will cost you another $20 on top of the data plan.

But!  If you already own the $30 unlimited data plan, you will be grandfathered into the new scheme and get to keep that plan!  So here is where my nefarious (you like that word Bekah?) came into play.

Our good friend Michelle let me borrow her 3GS that she was using as an iPod Touch (thanks again Michelle!!) to activate my new number to get in on the unlimited data plan.  She is kind enough to let me borrow it until the new iPhones are ready to sell (hopefully next week).  Then I’ll buy the new little  bundle of awesomeness, give Michelle her iPod Touch back and all is good!

I’m already in awe of the power of Pandora.  Type in “Van Halen” and poof! magically a radio station of like minded music starts streaming to your phone!  This alone is worth getting an iPhone for!  I’m sure I’ll be writing posts about my favorite apps and what not, so check back in and see what’s going on!

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